Why Archie Panjabi Feels Compelled To Help Other Women

10/24/2013 05:51 pm 17:51:05 | Updated Oct 24, 2013

When Archie Panjabi was asked whether she thought women had a responsibility to help other women at work, the actress had a very clear answer: "Most definitely."

"I can't tell you how many women -- and men -- in my life have helped me every step of the way," the "The Good Wife" actress told Ahmed Shihab-Eldin during an Oct. 24 segment on HuffPost Live. She added: "If it wasn't for the support and love and help from those people, I certainly wouldn't have achieved what I have today."

Panjabi also discussed getting her big break age 26 and how her mother inspired her. Watch the clip above for more, and check out the full HuffPost Live interview here.

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