10/24/2013 11:21 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2013

6 Powerful Quotes From The #Justice4Daisy Rally

More than 400 people gathered in Maryville, Mo., Tuesday to show their support for Daisy Coleman and Paige Parkhurst, teen girls who say they were raped last year by two high school boys.

Parkhurst's attacker was tried and sentenced in juvenile court. However, charges were dropped against the boy accused of raping Coleman, then-17-year-old Matthew Barnett, who allegedly dumped the 14-year-old Coleman, nearly unconscious, on her front lawn in the middle of the night in below-freezing temperatures after the assault.

More on the Daisy Coleman case.

The case drew national attention -- and outrage -- after the Kansas City Star published a new report on the case earlier this month, and days later, Prosecutor Robert Rice announced that a special prosecutor would be appointed to review the case.

Tuesday's "Justice4Daisy" rally, organized by women's rights activist Courtney Cole in collaboration with hacktivist group Anonymous, was originally envisioned as "a peaceful protest outside the [Maryville] courthouse," Cole told HuffPost in an email.

"We were going to wear duct tape over our mouths to signify that the victims in this case have no voice and also have daisies in our hands. When the prosecutor did the right thing in turning it over to the court for a special appointment, there was no need for a protest and so I changed it to a rally for justice. This was to bring awareness overall to the fact that we live in a rape culture society and we need to work to find solutions to this problem."

Here are six quotes from the rally that everyone should read.

  • 1
    Kevin Morgan
    "Rape culture is when we throw up our hands and say 'it just happens.'" --Claire Major, Missouri National Organization For Women
  • 2
    Kevin Morgan
    "No one 'deserves' to be victimized. No one 'asks for it.' And no victim should be told that she or he is to blame for the criminal actions of another." -- Courtney Cole, women's rights activist
  • 3
    Kevin Morgan
    "Rape culture … is the practice that teaches young women not to get raped rather than teaching young men not to rape." -- Miranda Fletcher, women's rights activist
  • 4
    Kevin Morgan
    "Maryville and Steubenville are everywhere. They're in your hometowns. They're on the exit signs when you drive on the highway for your daily commute to work. They are the social fabric of young lives and high schools everywhere." --Miranda Fletcher, women's rights activist (not pictured)
  • 5
    Kevin Morgan
    "Let’s turn our anger and shock and outrage into the energy and dedication that is needed to stop things like this from happening." -- Courtney Cole, women's rights activist
  • 6
    Kevin Morgan
    "Wherever you live, this is happening. And it needs to stop." -- Courtney Cole, women's rights activist

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to one of the speakers as "Melinda Fletcher." Her name is Miranda Fletcher. Additionally, quote #3 was incorrectly attributed to Claire Major, when it was spoken by Miranda Fletcher.

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