10/26/2013 12:47 pm ET

These Are The Worst Sick Day Excuses We Have Ever Heard

Roughly one-third of American workers have called in sick when they weren't actually ill, according to a recent survey.

But what's even more striking is how bad some employees are at lying to their boss.

The survey, conducted by employment website, asked employers to recount the most memorable excuses for missing work they ever heard.

Here are just 9 of the most ridiculous examples:

1. I got lost and ended up in a different state.

2. A swarm of bees surrounded my car and I couldn't make it to the office.
swarm of bees

3. My false teeth flew out the window while I was driving down the highway.
false teeth

4. My favorite football team lost on Sunday and I need Monday to get over it.
football loss

5. Someone glued my doors and windows shut so I can't leave the house to come to work.

6. I need to finish Christmas shopping.
christmas shopping

7. I quit smoking and now I'm too grouchy to work.
quit smoking

8. I ate too much turkey and fell asleep for my shift.
too much turkey

9. I bit my tongue and now I can't talk.
sore mouth


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