10/27/2013 07:58 am ET

Sixteen-Year-Old British Boy Musharaf Asghar Will Make You Want To Chase Your Dreams (VIDEO)

This speech isn't the most elaborate we've ever heard, or the most profound -- but it's still completely extraordinary.

That's because for Musharaf Asghar, public speaking is no easy task. The 16-year-old British student has struggled with an acute stammer for much of his life.

Asghar appears in a documentary series called 'Educating Yorkshire,' which captures the educational and social challenges he faces as a result of his speech issues.

The series also featured the incredible moment when Asghar overcame his speech impediment to deliver a heartfelt message of thanks to his teachers and classmates for their support. In one powerful minute, the teen shows us just what conquering our fears looks like.

For a deeper look into Asghar's inspiring story, read his Guardian piece, 'How "Educating Yorkshire" Helped Me Find My Voice.'

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