10/28/2013 02:06 pm ET

CNN Eyeing Possible Late Night Comedy Show For Bill Weir: New York Post

Will CNN try to shake things up with a new late night comedy show? That's what sources are saying could happen when Bill Weir joins the network in November.

The New York Post said over the weekend that CNN is reportedly developing a show in the style of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" to be hosted by Weir. Sources credited the move to network president Jeff Zucker, who has overseen numerous shakeups to CNN's programming since January.

The Post also said that CNN wanted to hire John Oliver, who guest hosted "The Daily Show" this past summer, but that Oliver is still under contract with Comedy Central.

The report was contested by at least one source, who said it is too early to know what Weir's role will be. "Bill Weir hasn’t even joined CNN yet," the source said. "He doesn’t start until November. But Weir is a news guy. He’s not a comedian." Another source pointed out that late night comedy would be "a big gamble" for the network.

The former "Nightline" anchor announced earlier this month that he was leaving ABC News to join CNN as its "chief innovation correspondent." He will anchor an hour that has yet to be revealed.


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