10/28/2013 06:09 pm ET

Lowell Weicker, Former Republican Senator, Slams GOP, Joe Lieberman


Lowell Weicker, a Republican who has served in both the U.S. House and Senate, revealed his seasoned views on American politics in an interview with Josh Eidelson of Salon published Monday. The former Senator held no punches, taking on the Republican party, past political foes, taxation and U.S. institutions.

Weicker crushed the current class of Republicans, saying “the party is so far off to the right that it can’t even come to grips with reality in America today.”

He placed part of the blame for political dysfunction on disenchanted and disconnected voters, suggesting that, while drastic, mandatory voting may be a wise action to get people to the polls.

Weicker took a harsh hit at former Sen. Joe Lieberman, who defeated him in his attempt at a fourth term as U.S. Senator of Connecticut.

“I think Lieberman was a god-awful United States senator," Weicker said.

Weicker was quick to champion a progressive tax-code, a contrast to many in the current Republican class. Citing the effect income disparity has on education, Weicker advocated for doing away with local funding of schools for total state funding, equalizing the amount of money put into education.

Offering advice to the current Republican party, the former congressman insists that the GOP has to sort out its position on social issues, namely gay rights and women’s issues.

"There’s a total disconnect on those issues between reality and the Republican Party," Weicker said.

Given the the charged question of how prevalent he believes sexism or racism are within the Republican Party, Weicker didn't flinch.

“Oh, I think it clearly shows... it seems to me when I hear Republicans talking, I hear a lot of sexism, I hear a lot of racism," Weicker said.

Find the rest of the interview here.


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