10/30/2013 05:41 pm ET | Updated Nov 19, 2013

What Halloween Is REALLY Like For Parents (In GIFS)


Halloween is an exciting time of year.

Kids get dressed up in adorably weird costumes and eat ridiculous amounts of candy.

But Halloween prep can be quite stressful for a parent.

Like when your kids discover you've been hiding the candy that was going to be for the neighbors.

Or when when you buy costumes a month in advance only to have to rush to Party City the night before, because “I want to be Belle now, not Ariel!”

Or worse, when the costume doesn’t fit right…

..even though you made your own. Because nothing is guaranteed.

Trying to take care of your child's unique accommodations is its own fright-fest.

And you hope and pray that it’s not too cold for trick-or-treating the night of...

...or ungodly hot.

Then there’s the whole, What if someone tries to poison my child? fear.

Also having to explain to kids why the little old lady passed out pennies instead of Twix bars.

When you get home, the dumping of the candy happens and your floor becomes a sea of wrappers and half eaten lollipops.

And you sound like a complete jerk for even suggesting ONLY five pieces of candy.

But then you see their smiling faces and everything becomes worth it, because your kids get to experience one of the happiest nights of childhood.

(And you get free candy, duh!)


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