11/04/2013 07:54 pm ET

Beagle Puppy Copper Shows Off His Howl (VIDEO)

What could be cuter than a tiny puppy, you ask? How about a tiny puppy practicing his tiny howl?

In this viral clip, an 8-week-old beagle pup named Copper (yep, just like the Disney classic 'Fox and the Hound') had just learned to howl and wanted to show it off for the camera.

He does a howlin' good job, too. Since his owner Ginny Green posted the practice sesh to YouTube in 2008, it's been viewed more than 6 million times. (We only just found it and felt like you, know, we had share it with you guys.)

Watch the full video above, and then tell us he's not a dead ringer for this little guy: