'Weird Al' Yankovic Takes A Break From Being Silly To Send Sweet Message To Injured Fan (PHOTOS)

11/04/2013 01:43 pm ET

We're used to "Weird Al" Yankovic being facetious, but he can be serious, too -- and incredibly sweet to boot.

A Redditor recently caught the notorious parody singer in the midst of an act of kindness. User Lacuna_Caveat posted the following photo on Friday with the caption, "My friend was seriously injured and is a huge fan of Weird Al. He heard about it and sent her this. Al is amazing."

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And this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident, either.

User ElderCunningham shared another experience of Weird Al's kindness:

Al's the sweetest guy. When I was 12, I went in the hospital with three brain tumors. Ended [up] spending three and a half weeks [there]. Al sent me a care package, and called me. Then, after I got out of the hospital, he invited me backstage at two concerts that summer.

Via Reddit

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