11/05/2013 10:51 am ET

Nikki Reed Had Two 'Twilight' Family Reunions

Brace yourselves, Twihards ... the Cullens are back!

Nikki Reed, aka Rosalie from the "Twlight" saga, has had an eventful month. On Nov. 1, the actress reunited with her on-screen parents Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser (Carlisle and Esme, respectively) over cookies and coffee:

"I love my fam. Thanks for the soup, cookies, and company @hotpantsusa and @peterfacinelli," she tweeted.

Days later, Facinelli and Reed joined their co-star Jackson Rathbone at the "Twilight Forever Fan Experience" exhibit premiere in New York. Look how excited they are ...

"#twilightforeverph hangin out with my Cullen kids. First Rt gets a box set DVD," said Facinelli.

"The Twilight Saga" debuted in theaters five years ago. The exhibit celebrates the vampire film series and its accompanying "Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga" Blu-Ray and DVD launch.

Wonder where Rob and Kristen were ...


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