11/06/2013 04:04 pm ET

Jeff Bennett Creates Star Wars Paradise In Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Finally, Thomas Kinkade paintings are interesting.

Artist Jeff Bennett created a series called "War On Kinkade," inspired by Star Wars and Kinkade's successful line of scenic paintings. Bennett was able to seamlessly include members and machines of The Empire by using an airbrush.

Check out the improved paintings below and tell us what you think of the changes.

  • 1 Stormtroopers Found Some Rebels
    Jeff Bennett
    These Stormtroopers are not a fan of your house, Kinkade.
  • 2 Rancor Isn't Having It
    Jeff Bennett
    And this Rancor is not a fan of these Stormtroopers
  • 3 Speeder Bike Getaway
    Jeff Bennett
    These Stormtroopers escaped the Rancor's wrath.
  • 4 Empire Fleet
    Jeff Bennett
    The Empire prepares for battle...or cozying up in a cottage.
  • 5 Dewback
    Jeff Bennett
    This Dewback is taking time to smell the roses.
  • 6 AT-AT Attack
    Jeff Bennett
  • 7 Star Destroyer
    Jeff Bennett
    This thing destroys stars. Let's hope it spares Kinkade's planet of unoccupied cottages.