LOS ANGELES -- LOS ANGELES (AP) — The head of the Secret Intelligence Service, where James Bond works, has returned from the dead.

Played by Judi Dench, M was killed off in the most recent Bond adventure, "Skyfall." But Dench resurrected the character in a video released Thursday as part of the Weinstein Co.'s appeal to the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating of Dench's latest starring vehicle, "Philomena."

The MPAA has given the film an R rating for language, but the Weinstein Co. wants it changed to PG-13. Company co-founder Harvey Weinstein appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Thursday to discuss his fight with the ratings organization.

He previously battled the MPAA over the rating for the 2011 documentary "Bully" and the title of "The Butler" this year, which became "Lee Daniels' The Butler."

Weinstein introduced the Dench video, which shows the actress in M's office, saying, "Just when you thought I was dead." She then appears to send an agent on a mission, asking, "Are you familiar with MPAA?"

"Philomena" is set for release this month.




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