New 'RoboCop' Trailer Is Here, But Let's Talk Samuel L. Jackson

11/07/2013 11:54 am ET

new robocop trailer

The new trailer for Sony's remake of "RoboCop" arrived on Thursday, showcasing the film's action-packed set pieces and a pair of likely scene-stealing performances from Michael Keaton and Jay Baruchel, among others. The biggest takeaway, though, is Samuel L. Jackson. "I play a character by the name of Pat Novak, who's sort of a combination of Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton, if you can combine those two people. So I refer to him as Rush Sharpton," Jackson said at Comic-Con this past summer. Yes to all of that and Jackson's hair and that American flag and everything coming out of his mouth. Change.org petition for a Pat Novak spinoff movie starts here.

"RoboCop" is out in theaters on Feb. 12, 2014.

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