PORT CLINTON, Ohio -- PORT CLINTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio boy with brain cancer has died two weeks after he came home for an early Christmas given to him by residents who put up decorations and sang carols.

A family friend in Port Clinton says 13-year-old Devin Kohlman died Monday afternoon.

Doctors had told Devin's family that he didn't have long to live, so the city along Lake Erie spent the last few weeks trying to fulfill his wish of being home for his favorite holiday.

The city put up a Christmas tree within view of the family's apartment and tons of shaved ice shaped drifting snow outside his window. Santa even showed up on a motorcycle.

Family and friends gathered for a vigil Monday night after his death while an early-season snow fell over the city.

Devin Kohlman taught us all an incredible lesson in how to live. Find out how you can support his grieving family and friends during this difficult time here.

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