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11/13/2013 07:43 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Safdar Rahmat Abadi, Iran Deputy Minister Shot In The Head

Graham Harrison via Getty Images

DUBAI, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Iranian police have arrested a suspect in connection with the killing of a deputy minister of industry in Tehran this week, Fars news agency said on Wednesday.

Safdar Rahmat Abadi was shot in the head and chest as he got into his car in the capital on Sunday evening, Iranian media reported.

In initial reports, officials said the killer was inside the car and talked with Abadi before shooting him. Used shells were found inside the vehicle, they said.

There has been a surge of attacks against Iranian military and provincial officials in recent weeks, but Abadi's killing appeared to be the first reported fatal shooting of a senior central government official in years.

However, according to the Fars report, the killer's motives were personal, not political. (Reporting by Marcus George; Editing by Jon Hemming and Alistair Lyon)


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