11/13/2013 02:57 pm ET

Pumpkin Spice: Now, With 0% Pumpkin? (VIDEO)

Products like pumpkin spice lattes have become synonymous with fall and entice costumers with their "limited time offer" deals, but don't let this marketing ploy fool you.


These products are not seasonal at all, as they contain little, or no pumpkin in them.

The subtle taste of the lovable squash does not stand out enough for manufacturers who opt to create their own flavors.

"A flavorist in a lab mixes oils from real spices, or their synthetic equivalents with as many as 80 other additives to make pumpkin flavor. The properties of these chemicals mimic the taste and sensation of the pumpkin pie."

Building a flavor is a science, but the processed food market is ever-growing and can cause ramifications to your health and environment.

To learn more, check out The Huffington Post's "Unreal Eats" series which aims to expose these deceptive industry practices, and work toward better food industry alternatives.

[H/T New York Times]


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