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The Most Stunning Memorial Of A Terror Attack You Didn't Know Existed (PHOTOS)

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Hidden deep within the Sahara Desert lies a stunning site you probably didn't know existed -- until now.

The photos below capture a haunting memorial, incredible in its scope and remote location, that serves as a tribute to the victims of UTA Flight 772. The memorial has resurfaced of late and can be viewed on Google Maps, which shows an aerial view of the site.

On Sept. 19, 1989, the Paris-bound UTA flight exploded over Niger's Ténéré region in the Sahara, killing all 170 people on board. According to the BBC, the detonation was traced to a suitcase bomb, and in 1999, a French court convicted a group of six Libyans to life in prison for the attack.

The memorial was established in 2007 by Les Familles de l’Attentat du DC-10 d’UTA, a group of the victims' families, to mark the 18th anniversary of the tragedy.

Check out the impressive photos of the memorial below.

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