Watch This TV Reporter Interview A Cat (Yes, We're Totally Serious)

11/14/2013 03:30 pm ET

While other reporters out there may seek out answers from so-called 'legitimate sources' on so-called 'serious stories,' one reporter out there knows where the hard, fluffy truth really lies and is thinking outside the box... well, the litter box.

ABC-affiliate WICS 20 out of Springfield, Ill., posted this video of reporter Garrett Brnger not holding back with his journalist claws in this hard-hitting interview with a furry feline above. They write about the catty interview caught-on-camera:

Reporter Garrett Brnger was having a hard time finding people to talk on-camera about a water rate increase. So he tried this instead.

Well, it seems like Brnger's interview with Mr. Fluffy paid off big time, in our opinion. Seriously, that feline was absolutely 'singing like a canary' about the whole water rate increase! (Please feel free to share and add your own pun-ditry to our post.)


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