David Guetta Reacts To Lorde's Diss: 'I Didn't Ask Her'

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Seventeen-year-old singer Lorde has been having quite the run of it, turning Hype Machine hit "Royals" into a Billboard chart topper and a $2.5 million publishing deal. With all the new cash and performances for actual royals and Vogue editors has come what's either a bit of swagger or artistic elitism, best illustrated by Lorde's reaction when asked if she would collaborate with dance music producer and DJ David Guetta.

"F--k no," the singer told her manager when notified that Guetta was looking to link up. "He's so gross." The exchange was overheard by Australia's FasterLouder, which sharply noted that Guetta is one of "the most influential and successful producers on the planet over the past five years." Guetta contributed tracks to Rihanna's album and other stars like Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, Akon, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Snoop Dogg, Usher, Sia, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. (He's also a globe-trotting DJ and a veteran of the dance music scene.)

HuffPost Entertainment reached Guetta by phone in New York and asked him about Lorde's snub. "I didn't ask her," he said. "I think my record company did, and, I mean, I don't really have any comment."

Lorde has seemingly found a more suitable dance music producer in Diplo, whom she tweets about with some frequency.

everyone go wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎈🎉 🐖🐈🐇 🎉🎈here are some farm animals cause you're weird like that

Much more from our interview with Guetta will post later this month.

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