11/14/2013 09:43 am ET | Updated Nov 14, 2013

TV Station Owner Gives $500 To Each Employee Just Because


Pay attention employers: here's a lesson in treating your workers right.

Griffin Communications, the owner of CBS stations KWTV and KQCW in Oklahoma, decided to give $500 to every employee at the company for no other reason than, "why not?"

Poynter shared this Facebook post on Thursday by KOTV-TV content director Ed Trauschke showing off his five, shiny new $100 bills, along with a little message:

money bills

It must be a good day to be Mr. Trauschke. But it makes sense: Business is good, people are happy-- so why not share the wealth?

PS: Dear HuffPost bosses: ahem.

(h/t: Poynter)


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