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Kevin Chenais, Frenchman Deemed 'Too Fat To Fly', Now Denied Train Travel

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LONDON (AP) — Eurostar says it has refused travel on its train to a Frenchman who was earlier stranded in the United States because he was deemed too fat to fly home.

The service that connects England to France and Belgium declined to allow Kevin Chenais on board because of safety rules governing travel through the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar says provisions require all passengers to have the ability to be safely evacuated and Chenais' immobility makes this impossible.

The move piles on the woes for Chenais, who has been struggling to get home after being denied travel home on British Airways. He later flew to Britain on another carrier.

Eurostar accommodated Chenais in London at the company's expense and said Wednesday it is trying to help him get home as soon as possible.

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