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Explicit Food Ads Take 'Food Porn' To The Next Level

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Everyone knows food is the new rock and roll, but these days it's looking raunchier than ever. Le Guide Restos Voir, which is like the Zagat of eastern Canada, has launched a new ad campaign to promote its 2014 Restaurant Guide, and the images are... explicit.

Le Guide Restos Voir's series presents photos of food that mimic reproductive organs, for an arguably unsavory and unquestionably graphic campaign.

Sexually suggestive food ads have a long, robust history. "There's an entire genre of racy fast food ads," ABC notes, and a sub-genre of women selling food, which, as Esquire admits, has a "delicious, kinda disturbing history."

Sex sells. But do you think sex works for selling food? What do you think of Le Guide Restos Voir's latest ad campaign?

  • Le Guide Restos Voir
  • Le Guide Restos Voir
  • Le Guide Restos Voir
  • Le Guide Restos Voir
  • Le Guide Restos Voir

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