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'Doctor Who' 15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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BBC America

Who better to reveal the secrets of "Doctor Who" than an actual doctor? Meet "Doctor Who" expert Dr. Piers D. Britton. He might sound a "Doctor Who" expert we just totally made up, but he’s a real person who wrote a book on "Doctor Who" titled "TARDISbound" and teaches a class on the iconic show at the University of Redlands in California (if you’re a hardcore "Doctor Who" fan who had to sit through dull college electives, you’re probably feeling a surge of envy for Redlands students right now).

With "Doctor Who‘s" eagerly awaited 50th Anniversary special “Day of the Doctor” set to be unveiled today on BBC America (2:50 p.m. EST), Dr. Britton reveals 15 strange and fascinating "Doctor Who" facts that you probably did not know.

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