11 Reasons Why We Want Kristina Braverman To Be Our Mom

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What "Parenthod" fan hasn't wished they were part of the Braverman family at one point or another?

And more specifically, who hasn't thought Kristina Braverman would make an awesome real-life mom? We certainly have, and here's why.

She takes time to appreciate the little things in life.
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She has great advice ...
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... And knows exactly what to do when her kids start to smell.
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When the going gets tough, she knows how to deal.
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She's a fighter ...
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... Who plays well with her daughter's boyfriends.
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Her tears are just so moving.
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She kicks ass at the podium ...
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... And nothing stops her from having a great time with her husband..
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She seriously knows how to let loose.
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Oh, and she's completely fabulous.
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