11/25/2013 08:34 am ET

GPS Guide: Mindfully Celebrate Thanksgiving With These 5 Tips

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By Rob White

Nothing makes the heart warm and entices the blossoming of one's joyous spirit like the pleasing attitude of gratitude. With Thanksgiving Day approaching, this exceptional quality of the heart takes center stage in the mind. Thanksgiving offers us an opportunity to notice how far we've come by noticing how much joy we have to give, how much we appreciate the world in which we live and how much compassion we feel for everyone, no matter how different they may seem to be.

Imagine dancing with others -- in your heart -- on Thanksgiving Day. Share a feeling of wholeness and happiness with everyone you meet. How do you get to that wonderful state? What can you do to truly appreciate all of the beauty of the day? Below is my Thanksgiving Gratitude Pie Recipe -- five ingredients that will bring appreciation and splendor to the day.

  • Ingredient #1
    Rob White
    Thanksgiving is an action verb. Make the day a joyful celebration; a big, easy smile. Don't just utter "Thanks," live it in every possible way. Lend a helping hand; give a kindly wink; yes, it can be that simple.
  • Ingredient #2
    Rob White
    Treasure the perfection in any imperfections that may come your way. A perfect day is not dependent on ideal situations; it depends upon your point of view. You can lovingly transform that which feels imperfect by reaching that place of gratefulness that enables you to embrace, not resist what is. What blessings will you share in all situations today?
  • Ingredient #3
    Rob White
    Give every moment shades of deeper meaning. Hug those who liked being hugged, not just with your arms but with your heart. Gently flirt with everyone today by communicating in subtle ways, "I'm yours," so they feel that you care.
  • Ingredient #4
    Give eye contact. Let others choose the topic of conversation. Listen intently. Speak of pleasant things that delight them. Dare to share lovely things that you're enjoying about the day. The ordinary conversation feels extraordinary if done meaningfully.
  • Ingredient #5
    Rob White
    The ultimate Thanksgiving Optimizer is to focus on giving, not receiving. Give everyone a feeling of being special today. Folks may forget what you speak of together, but they will remember how you make them feel. Let them know that you feel fortunate to have spent a part of this precious day with them.

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