8 Kids Who Totally Get This Thanksgiving Thing (Kind Of)

11/26/2013 05:17 pm ET

For kids, Thanksgiving may be less fun than Halloween with its candy and Christmas with its present-palooza. While we adults are thrilled to have one day a year to publicly express gratitude (and stuff our ever-loving faces), they are still coming around to the awesomeness that is Turkey Day. And we must say, for them and their confusion, we are very thankful.

1. The kid who is thankful for life's little pleasures

2. The kid who just really wanted to draw an accurate depiction of the turkey. A for effort.

3. The kid who wants to sit at the grown-up table

4. The kid who can't handle his turkey
The worst part of divorce: not spending Thanksgiving this year with my beautiful kids.
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5. The kid who has no idea what is happening

6. The kid who won't be played for a fool

7. The kid who just goes along with it anyway

8. And last, but not least -- the kids who just want to spread their gratitude for this festive holiday. (Just ignore the part when they say their favorite holiday is Christmas).

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