30 Weird News Reasons To Be Thankful

11/27/2013 09:29 am ET
  • David Moye Pop culture journalist, HuffPost Weird News
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Thanksgiving is celebrated every day by the HuffPost Weird News staff.

We are forever grateful that we are gainfully employed despite our obvious flaws and excessive interest in subjects that polite society finds strange, bizarre and, yes, weird.

But finding weird news can be difficult at times. Some days, people just don't feel like doing something that makes a reasonable person say "WTF!"

However, any day where the news includes one of the following 30 (or any combination thereof) is a day to be thankful indeed.

  • Anatomical Wonders Who Get Married
  • Last month, Sultan Kosen, who at 8 feet, 5 inches, is the world's tallest man, got married to his 5-foot 9-inch sweetie, Merve Dibo.
  • Extraterrestrials
  • The existence of alien life is still being investigated, but the search is always interesting thanks to crack journalist Lee Speigel, who would be the first to tell you that the photo on the left is actually from a video game.
  • Two-headed Animals
    Venice Beach Freakshow
  • Nature continues to amaze us every day with surprises such as these two-headed snapping turtles, Thor and Loki, that were recently snapped up by Todd Ray, star of the AMC series, Freakshow.
  • Eating Contests
  • What is it about competitive eating that fascinates us so? Is it the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat or the site of grown people with foodstuffs around their face and body?
  • Beauty Queens Who Do Porn
  • Former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King became a cause celebre earlier this year after it was revealed she made a porn film. She resigned her crown has since started college.
  • There have been days when it seemed that all the weird news in the world was happening just in Florida. Yes, children, the Sunshine State is the cure to slow news days.
  • Brazilian Booty Pageants
  • Brazil prides the posterior so much that there is a beauty pageant dedicated just to that singular body part. The contest is not without controversy as some contestants were accused of bribing judges.
  • Juggalos
  • Fans of the Insane Clown Posse may seem, well, insane, but FBI officials reportedly viewed them as more of a gang than a posse. However, the evidence suggests they are more likely to be really really fervant fans.
  • Excessively Manicured Facial Hair
    Getty Images
  • Beard-growing as a sport is growing even bigger than the beards that are competing. To lovers of weird sports, it beats our beloved competitive eating by a close shave.
  • Zombies
  • There's just something about those crazy brain-eating zombies and the people that want to be them that is so cute and cuddly.
  • End Of The World Predictions
  • End of the world predictions have died off since the Mayan Calendar hype of December, 2012, but irrational fear of eminent destruction is always fodder for weird news stories.
  • Bigfoot (Or Just Plain Bigfoot DNA)
    Getty Images
  • This past year was big for Bigfoot, both positive and negative. He was the subject of popular shows like "Finding Bigfoot," but a researcher who claimed she had DNA of the creature got mad when it was revealed to actually be that of a small woodlands creature.
  • Jesus Appearing In Things Like Shower Mold
  • The Lord works in strange and mysterious ways, such as choosing to show up on the back of a dog, or even in shower mold.
  • The Vampire Woman
  • Maria Jose Cristerna's striking appearance may generate gasps, but the 35-year-old "Vampire Woman" reportedly says a horrific history of domestic violence triggered her decision to re-invent herself as a "vampire." Despite her extreme appearance, she says she lives a normal life.
  • Tattooed Mug Shots
  • The first things cops ask victims is if the suspect had any distinguishing facial features. In the case of robbery suspect Adam Roberts, the answer was a firm "yes."
  • Testicle-eating Fish
  • The pacu fish has gotten a bad rap for having a taste for testicles, but these creatures have a cuddly side. So much so that the HuffPost Weird News staff adopted one and named it "2Pac."
  • Stupid Guinness World Records
  • A Guinness World Record is a great way to become immortal, but some people go to bizarre lengths to win one. Take Brandon Youngblood Kee, who earlier this month attempted to set a record for "Fastest Time To Ignite Five Targets By Squirting Milk From The Eye."
  • Marijuana Porn
    Jonathan Amsted
  • A true artist make you look at things differently. If that's true than photographer Jonathan Amsted is a true artist changed our perception of pot by showing what a lovely plant it truly is.
  • People Who Predict The Future Using Poop
    Journey To Planet Sanity
  • S.S. Singh is a scatomancer who allegedly tells the future by looking at his client's poop. "The greater the aroma, the more accurate the prediction," he claims.
  • Celebrities Who Aren't Really Celebrities
  • There are people who are famous for being famous and then there are those like Octomom Nadya Suleman and Tanning Mom, who became infamous and then have spent more than their 15 minutes trying to prove worthy of their so-called celebrity. Keep trying, ladies.
  • People Who Staple Their Scrotum After Losing A Bet
    Saber DaSilva/Vimeo
  • Leeds University student Nathan Bell and a pal, Saber Dasilva, had a bet riding on a video game. When Bell lost, he paid up by having his scrotum stapled.
  • Bad (But Good-looking) Teachers
  • Eppie Sprung Dawson, a Scottish teacher whose affair with an underage student led to her being placed on a sex offenders registry has moved the student into the home she previously shared with her husband.
  • Toilet-themed Restaurants
    Elizabeth Daniels/Eater.com
  • Already a trend in Asia, toilet-themed restaurants are now in the states -- or at least California -- ready to serve a public eager to eat sundaes out of toilet-shaped bowls. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels
  • Questionable Parents
    Greenville County Sheriffs Office
  • Every potentially bad parent is bad in their own way. In April, Anthony Michael Hedger, 24, was arrested for child endangerment after authorities found him walking down a highway completely naked with his 13-month-old son, who was also nude. When cops tried to take the kid away, he allegedly bit the child.
  • Mealbreakers
    5Min/Ross Parry
  • Finding a cockroach on your pizza isn't appetizing, but it can make for a great weird news story when it happens to someone else.
  • Women Who Plan To Marry Charlie Manson
  • A 25-year-old woman named "Star" recently told the world that she planned to marry 79-year-old convicted criminal Charles Manson. One HuffPost reader griped that she thought Manson could do better.
  • Alleged Naked Pooping Masturbators
  • In Florida, there are violent people, naked people, poopers and masturbators -- but rarely is one man the total package. Meet Gregory Matthew Bruni.
  • Editors Willing To Have Swords Thrown At Them While Wearing A Turkey Suit
    HuffPost Live
  • HuffPost Weird News editor Buck Wolf strives to be a good example for the staff. If being a good example means wearing a turkey suit and having swords thrown at you.
  • HuffPost Weird News Readers
  • Porn Stars Who Get Kicked Out Of Baseball Stadiums For Wearing Unicorn Masks
  • Earlier this year, porn actress Andy San Dimas h aroused the attention of the world when she was ejected from a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game on July 13 after shaking her moneymaker while wearing a unicorn mask.