11/29/2013 03:12 pm ET

Panda Cheese Commercials Are Still Hilarious (VIDEO)

This panda might be a bit of a psychopath, but darn it, we love him!

We love him so much, in fact, that we're resurfacing these commercials from the depths of the Internet in case there's some poor soul somewhere who has not yet seen these masterpieces.

Panda Cheese comes from Arab Dairy, an Egyptian-based company. In 2010, a series of commercials aired with a simple premise: someone dismisses Panda Cheese, so a panda comes to ruin their day.

Yes, he might have some anger issues, but we like to think that he's just doing these people a favor by reminding them of the importance of Panda Cheese.

And don't worry, we're, like, 90 percent sure he's not a real panda.


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