12/03/2013 02:09 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2013

32 Gifts For Comedy Fans And People Who Just Like To Laugh

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Laughter may the best medicine, but it also makes a great gift!

Scroll down for 32 awesome gift ideas for the comedy lovers in your life, including some of the year's best comedy outputs and a bunch of other stuff that will just make them laugh.

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  • 1 Ron Burgundy's Book
    Great Odin's raven! What better way to gear up for "Anchorman 2" than with Ron Burgundy's book of personal musings? Amazon, $11.
  • 2 No Pryor Restraint: Life In Concert 7 CD/ 2 DVD Box Set
    The ULTIMATE Richard Pryor collection. Seriously. Amazon, $61.
  • 3 Inside MAD Book
    MAD asked some of its most successful readers, such as Judd Apatow, George Lopez and Roseanne Barr, to sound off on their favorite spoofs from over the years in this fully illustrated coffee table book. Amazon, $18.
  • 4 Tig Notaro: Live
    All comedy fans should listen to this heartbreaking (and hilarious) set at Largo that changed Tig Notaro's career forever. Amazon or iTunes, $5.
  • 5 Funny Or Die The Game
    From the people who brought you "The Landlord" comes this photo caption game that's sure to bring your family together (or tear them apart) over the holidays. Amazon, $11.
  • 6 Rob Delaney's First Book
    If you love him on Twitter or on stage, you'll love him on paper, too.Amazon, $15.
  • 7 The Lonely Island: The Wack Album CD & DVD
    Definitely one of the least "wack" albums you could give this year. Amazon, $16.
  • 8 Beardo Hat
    The perfect winter accessory for your friends with beard envy., $24.
  • 9 Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend DVD
    Take another funny (and emotional) ride with Mike Birbiglia in his latest special. Amazon, $13.
  • 10 Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints
    These wafer thin mints make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who knows who Mr. Creosote is. Neatoshop, $3.
  • 11 The Cornetto Trilogy Blu Ray Set
    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fans will love this boxed set which includes "Shaun Of The Dead," "Hot Fuzz," and this year's "The World's End." Amazon, $35.
  • 12 Faces Of Bill Murray Art Print
    Whether he's a busting ghosts, running Team Zissou or drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, everyone loves Bill Murray. Etsy, $50.
  • 13 Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff DVD
    With her own show on Comedy Central, a role in Judd Apatow's next movie and this hilarious one-hour special, Amy Schumer has had quite the year. Amazon, $8.50.
  • 14 Prank Packs
    If your gift doesn't make them laugh, these ridiculous fake product boxes will., $8.
  • 15 Bill Cosby: Far From Finished DVD
    Young and old alike can appreciate this brand new special from the legendary Bill Cosby. Amazon, $12.
  • 16 Ron Burgundy Bust
    This eye-catching desk piece is kind of a big deal. Not available until January 2014, but you can bet on an old wooden ship that it's available for pre-order. Entertainment Earth, $29.99.
  • 17 "Elf" Sweater.
    Channel your inner Will Ferrell with this "Elf" replica sweater., $65.
  • 18 Year In Comedy 2013 Photography Booklet
    Photographer Mindy Tucker has been documenting the comedy scene in NYC for over 6 years. This beautiful paperback features all her favorites from 2013. Amazon, $10.
  • 19 Sassy Notebook
    Your to-do list has never been more LOL-worthy., $18 for set of 4.
  • 20 Maria Bamford: Ask Me About My New God!
    One of the funniest women in comedy today has plenty of new material on Paula Deen, dating over 40 and of course, her mother. Amazon, $14.
  • 21 Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him
    This fascinating new biography by brothers David and Joe Henry sheds new light on the brilliant, tortured comic who changed everything. Amazon, $16.
  • 22 Honest Mug
    Make your co-workers LOL (and hopefully your boss, too)., $15.
  • 23 Comic Genius: Portraits Of Funny People
    A collection of clever and stunning comedian portraits by photographer Matt Hoyle. Amazon, $29.
  • 24 Grumpy Cat iPhone Case
    Get your "Dashing through the NO" on with this awesome Grumpy Cat case. Zazzle, $38.
  • 25 Louis C.K.: Oh My God
    Give your HBO-less friends and family the gift of Louie's latest one-hour special., $5.
  • 26 Eugene Mirman: An Evening Of Comedy In A Fake, Underground Laboratory
    You loved him on "Delocated," now hear Eugene's newest stand-up from his 2013 CD/DVD release. Amazon, $15.
  • 27 Conversation-Starting T-shirt
    We all know comedy nerds can be a tad awkward. Give them the perfect ice breaker with this ridiculous tee., $15.
  • 28 The Onion Desk Calendar
    A dumb, thoughtless gift? Maybe so, but it will make them laugh at least once a day for the next 365., $13.
  • 29 Big Lebowski Kit
    The dude definitely abides by this awesome collection of memorabilia plus a DVD. Target, $17.
  • 30 Die Hard Christmas Sweater
    Get into the season a la John McClane (or check out one of their other awesome movie-inspired Tees). Dark Bunny Tees, £25.


2012 Comedy Gift Guide
2012 Comedy Gift Guide