12/03/2013 09:14 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

10 Expensive Cooking Gifts You'd Ask For If They Didn't Cost So Damn Much (PHOTOS)


When it comes time to make our wish list every year, we all tend to edit ourselves a bit. We're not monsters, so we take into account the fact that our loved ones aren't billionaires. Mom and Dad just can't afford you buy you that $1,700 espresso maker that would make your life infinitely better, so instead you ask for a $50 coffee maker and drink your sad, lesser coffee every day for the rest of your compromise-filled life.

But imagine a world in which you could ask for WHATEVER YOU WANT. We asked our readers to do just that, and they shared their ultimate hope-and-dream-filled wish lists with us. Below, you'll find the most popular of their answers, ranging from a $200 pasta-making attachment to a $6,000 kitchen appliance. Follow along as we dream all the wish list dreams.

(All prices listed are the retail value.)

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  • 10 Pasta Attachments For Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer, $200-$250
    So many of our readers listed this on their "too expensive to put on my wish list" list that we started to wonder why -- until we realized how overpriced they are. We can't even afford the stand mixer itself in the first place. Now we have to spend an additional $200 to make pasta in it? Oh come on.
    Rollers retail for $249.99
    Pasta press attachment retails for $200
  • 9 Le Creuset Dutch Oven, up to $440
    Every good cook deserves a Le Creuset dutch oven, but for the price of this 9-quart version, the food that comes out of it'd better taste like it came straight from Noma.
  • 8 Sous Vide Machine, $499.95
    Perfectly-cooked meat, or a month's worth of groceries? You decide.

    Caso Sous Vide Center
  • 7 Smoker, $579.95
    The SmokinTex Smoker might make finger-licking good food, but you'll have to pawn off your grandmother's engagement ring to get it.
  • 6 Slow Juicer, $600
    Let's not even think about how much extra money you're also going to be spending on fruits and vegetables to shove into this juicer, because it might make our heads pop off.

    Breville Juice Fountain Crush Slow Juicer
  • 5 Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, up to $650
    The 7-Quart Kitchen-Aid Pro Line Stand Mixer is a thing of beauty, and most of us probably won't get one until we get to make a wedding registry. Until then, we'll be lonely, stand mixer-less spinsters.
  • 4 Vitamix, $749
    It seems like everyone we know has a Vitamix these days, and now we're wondering which bank they robbed to get theirs.

    Vitamix Professional Series 750
  • 3 Pasquini Espresso Maker, $1,735
    Your first used car probably cost less than the Pasquini Livia 90 Espresso Maker.
  • 2 Copper Pots, $2,800
    These pans are like the Hollywood starlets of cookware. Beauty most definitely comes at a cost, and it's ultra high maintenance.

    Mauviel Copper 12-Piece Cookware Set
  • 1 Viking Range, $6,299


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