"Beggers can't be choosers." "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." "Have an attitude of gratitude." We believe in all that stuff, but we're flying in the face of it right now for the sake of ranking the best and worst Christmas cookies. Look, we'll eat just about any cookie you put in front of us. But it's important to acknowledge that in the world of Christmas cookies, there are winners and losers. Don't give your favorite person a stinker of a Christmas cookie this year.

Below, a completely superficial and subjective ranking of Christmas cookies, in order from worst to best. Chime in and let us know how you feel.

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  • #16: Biscotti (LOSER)
    Flickr: murz
    These are not cookies, so stop pretending they are. They're good for nothing but scraping up the roof of your mouth.
  • #15: Spritz Cookies
    Flickr: Nikchick
  • #14: Walnut Crescents
    New Media Publishing
    These look oddly like shrimp, and they're as dry as the desert that the Wise Men walked through.
  • #13: Speculoos
    Flickr: Jennifer Dehant
    As a rule, we like speculoos. We like them out of a box, we like them ground up into cookie butter ... but at Christmas, when they're out there next to all the much-more-delicious cookies, they're getting the silent treatment.
  • #12: Gingerbread Cookies
    Flickr: deborah
    We're going to get flack for this one, but gingerbread cookies are puffy, dry, and cannot be eaten without a beverage. Also, gingerbread men are creepy.
  • #11: Stained Glass Cookies
    New Media Publishing
    These are beautiful to look at, but you will NEVER get that sticky candy out of your molars. NEVER.
  • #10: Sugar Cookies
    Flickr: timlewisnm
    Look, they're just not the most delicious. Sorry.
  • #9: Snowballs
    Flickr: Akane86
    Things are starting to look up.
  • #8: Pfeffernussen
    Flickr: Melanger :: to mix
    These are essentially spiced versions of snowballs, which obviously gives them bonus points.
  • #7: Snowcaps
    Flickr: whitneyinchicago
    There's something magical about the way these look like they're covered in snow. They're also one of the few cookies made of chocolate at this time of year.
  • #6: Shortbread Cookies
    Today's Nest
    Shortbread cookies are SO underrated. It's probably because they look dry and tasteless, but if you think about it, they are filled with DELICIOUS BUTTER. So much butter.
  • #5: Thumbprint Cookies
    New Media Publishing
    The problem with sugar cookies is that they're boring. Add jam to them, and that solves everything. In general, "add jam to it" will solve most problems.
  • #4: Snickerdoodles
    Flickr: Veganbaking.net
    Snickerdoodles are obviously the superior, fancier cousin of the sugar cookie. Don't bother arguing.
  • #3: Molasses Cookies
    Flirkc: Renee S. Suen
    There's only one time of year that we ever eat molasses cookies, so something about our body chemistry just screams for them. They're chewy, a little crunchy, and perfectly spiced.
  • #2: Linzer Cookies
    Flickr: cleverocity
    Shortbread + jam = a powerful combination. We've talked about jam before, and what it can do for a cookie's ranking.
  • #1: Peanut Butter Blossoms (WINNER)
    My Baking Addiction
    These are always the first cookies to disappear at a cookie swap, therefore: HANDS DOWN WINNER. Get the recipe

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