12/05/2013 10:30 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

James Franco Posts Gay '50 Shades With Batman And Robin' Photos (NSFW)

Sam Morris via Getty Images

James Franco's version of 50 Shades might actually be more NSFW than the original.

The actor took to Instagram Wednesday, Dec. 4, and posted two photos of a little something he titled "50 Shades of Batman and Robin." The first post was a shot of the torso of a man -- probably Franco himself -- dressed in BDSM Batman garb. The second was a shot of someone wearing a Batman mask with something that resembled semen on the top of the cowl.

"[J]udging by the two pictures from it, I'm assuming it implies Batman and Robin are gay for each other," The Blemish noted.

All in the name of art, right?


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