Michael Bennett Impersonates Teammate To Get Restaurant Table

12/06/2013 06:15 pm ET

Even defensive players know that sometimes it takes a fake to gain ground.

When Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was told he couldn't get a table at a hot Seattle restaurant, he called the restaurant back and pretended to be Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

The woman who answered the phone took the bait, Bennett told 710 ESPN Radio in the segment above.

"She was like, ‘Yes! We can make a table for you! You were 22-for-30 the other night, 130 quarterback rating!’ She knew every stat," he told the station.

When Bennett arrived, and it became apparent he was not Wilson, Bennett and his family still got seated. He deserved the hero's treatment anyway after he returned a fumble for a touchdown the day before in the Seahawks' victory over the New Orleans Saints. The crowd's reaction at that game was so strong that it registered as an earthquake.

(Hat tip, NBC Sports)

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