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This Saturday, Take A #SerenitySelfie (PHOTOS)

For many of us, weekdays mean being stressed, overworked and constantly connected, with little time for pause or reflection. When the weekend comes around, it can be difficult to de-stress, slow down and unplug.

What we need is an oasis of well-being, wisdom and wonder. Enter Serenity Saturdays, an extension of our Third Metric initiative to redefine success beyond money and power.

Consider the initiative as your permission (and motivation) to enjoy your weekend -- to spend your Saturdays unplugged, blissed out and peaceful -- all things that will make you more creative and productive in the week ahead. Your brain (and boss) will thank you come Monday.

Last week, we asked readers to send in photos of themselves doing exactly what it is that makes them feel at peace. Below, find a few of our favorite serenity selfies. If you want to be featured in next week's roundup, post a selfie of you experiencing weekend bliss to Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #SerenitySelfie.

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True Love = Pure Bliss. #SerenitySelfie

— Sierra Lidgett (@sierralidgett13) December 1, 2013

"Catching Rays" on a chilly Saturday in November... @GPSforSoul #SerenitySelfie

— Life in Every Breath (@Lifeiebreath) November 24, 2013


— AEPR Alison Elsner (@allalis) November 24, 2013

#SerenitySelfie I had no idea JJ took this pic. Can you tell I love the Sun? :) At Chautauqua park in boulder.

— David Swaisgood (@drswaisgood07) November 24, 2013

Prep work for the coming work week is done, jazz Christmas is on and a hot cup of coffee to enjoy. #serenityselfie

— Erika R (@bflosnowangel) November 23, 2013

.@HealthyLiving My zen. #SerenitySelfie

— Shelli Johnson (@johnsonfore) November 8, 2013

#SerenitySelfie Love <3 ="">

— Kesia Vazquez (@februaryfriend) November 10, 2013


— Ms. America (@dental257) November 9, 2013

#SerenitySelfie USMC Poolee finishing strong! 3mi 26:42

— Jon Wilson (@MakeMeMarine) November 9, 2013

me in my favorite place #SerenitySelfies! it's easy to see!

— Susan Burke Mangano (@susila55) September 21, 2013

My Little Man brightens up my life! #SerenitySelfie

— Vanessa Gonzalez (@NoahsMommyNess) November 2, 2013

This is me & aussie chilling on an autumn Tahoe afternoon #SerenitySelfie

— Cal Orey (@CallieSimon) November 3, 2013

#SerenitySelfie early morning coffee + hot tub = serenity Saturday

— Kellyanne P (@kayperr) November 3, 2013

@MatildaClar #serenitySelfie

— Matilda (@MatildaClar) November 3, 2013


— Blonde_Bunnie (@Blonde_Bunnie) October 19, 2013

On the farm #SerenitySelfie

— Regina Van Patten (@ginavp) October 19, 2013

#SerenitySelfie Sat morning walk on Main Beach in East Hampton with Oskar & his ball. A nice start to the weekend.

— Roy Cohen (@RoyCohen) October 19, 2013

Always Keep A Smile Best Medicine EVER! :D ##SerenitySelfie.

— ♛Queen Mattie B.♪ (@QueenStar101) October 19, 2013

#SerenitySelfie #gjrlsbestfriend

— kim shearon (@nononsensebakin) October 12, 2013

Let it shine <3 Bliss.="" ="">

— Joanna Kay Plotner (@JoannKay) October 12, 2013


— 5th_realm (@Empyreal7) October 13, 2013

During the summer this is how we decompress... Sooo relaxing! #SerenitySelfie

— Suzy Hughes Nat (@SuzyHugs2) October 12, 2013


— Lawrie Covey (@Lawrig1) October 12, 2013

All day napping!!!! #SerenitySaturday on Twitpic

#SerenitySelfie @ Corona del Mar -

— SR (@StephaneRoyer) October 3, 2013

@GPSforSoul: How do you find serenity? Tweet/Instagram a photo with #SerenitySelfie -- we want to see!”

— ★Liliana Pertenava (@LilianPertenava) October 3, 2013


— Mariam Devash (@MariamDevash) October 5, 2013

Enjoying a front row seat on the river boat tour at Wakulla Springs.#SerenitySelfie

— Tiffany Dotson (@Girl_Dotson) September 29, 2013

From Cymera #SerenitySelfie #Peace #Love #IAmHere #Me

— Keyon (@redjuly7) September 22, 2013

#SerenitySelfie & Jay Bear

— Nicole Moreau (@ElixirChartreus) September 21, 2013


— Grace Martinez (@gramarala) September 21, 2013

@GPSforSoul #SerenitySelfie in #Arizona for the weekend

— Clarissa (@Clarissa_Laskey) September 14, 2013


— Chelsea Burton (@albichurton) September 14, 2013

"@ariannahuff: Happy weekend 2U2. Unplugging & recharging. Lake Como #Italy #SerenitySelfie"

— Marc J. Beaulieu (@MotorcycleMarc) September 14, 2013

Piper's Serenity Selfie #SerenitySelfie

— James Carroll (@JimBearNC) September 7, 2013

Happy weekend! Unplug&recharge. Girls at the ball game! #SerenitySelfie @Hails3 @SabsFreitas

— Jill K Stoddart (@jkdstodds) September 14, 2013

.@ariannahuff #serenityselfie

— Cadence King (@cadencek) September 14, 2013


— Chabil Mar Resort (@BelizeResortCMV) September 7, 2013

#SerenitySelfie -- Go, Dodgers!

— Susan Russell (@revsusanrussell) August 30, 2013

@HuffingtonPost how about #SerenityBaby :-) #SerenitySelfie

— Penny Lawrence-Grant (@PennyGrant) August 30, 2013

#serenityselfie @HuffingtonPost

— Melody Jensen (@FLJensen1) August 30, 2013

Say no more..! #SerenitySelfie @ariannahuff @HuffingtonPost

— alastair greer (@WellBeSolutions) September 2, 2013

Took a speed boat for snorkeling, kayaking and sightseeing at the National Marine Park in Thailand. #serenityselfie

— Shu_rosaline (@shu_rosaline) September 3, 2013

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