12/06/2013 07:07 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

9 Of The Worst Vintage Toys We Ever Got As Kids

Scott Kleinman via Getty Images

There are few joys as exciting as opening a present as a child. You shake the box to inspect for any clues on the contents, admire the shiny wrapping paper and twirled ribbon, and pause for one last second of anticipation... and then rrrrrip... the paper off!

If you grew up in the 1960s or 1970s, you probably were hoping to find an Etch A Sketch, Barbie's Dream House, or a Rubik's Cube inside the box. But alas, not all dreams come true, you learned the hard way.

We asked our Facebook fans what was the worst toy they recall getting as a child. A ridiculous and dangerous swing-wing? A clunky bike? Or every child's absolute nightmare -- clothes.

Scroll through the nostalgic toys below and tell us in comments about the worst toy you ever got.

  • smalltownguy22/flickr
    "A hot wheels race track from my dad. I'm sure he thought it would be fun to play with together, but as a 9 year old girl I had no interest," said Bridget Burton Malfer.
    "Every year I received a doll for Christmas. My mother apparently decided I had outgrown dolls one year and when I reached for the package that most resembled my anticipated baby doll, I unwrapped a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. I remember trying not to cry and not just because they don't make many outfits for St. Francis," said Jamie Wieloch Greco.
  • Candace Nast/Flickr
    "A pogo stick," said Rona Mitchell.
  • The Bees Knees Daily/flickr
    "A Saucy Walker doll. The joints of the doll would pinch you when you tried to make her walk," said Vicki Christian Weyrough.
  • melissambwilkins/flickr
    "I had a pedal tractor; the pedals didn't work and the tractor would not move. Its the only time I ever remember telling my parents that I didn't want my Christmas present," said Charles Peterson.
  • AP
    "Easy Bake Oven!" said Margaret Donlin Goodhouse.
  • bilbord99/flickr
    "There were two bikes under the tree; a beautiful red "Stingray" for my brother and a white clunker girls bike for me. Oh how I coveted that stingray," said Laureen Lund.
    "The Sears Archery kit. We shot the arrows straight up and then would scramble at the last instant as the arrow came hurtling down at us," said Hugh Robinson.
  • farnea/flickr
    "It was a toy piano! I always wanted a real one," said Susannah Poczatek Dickman.


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