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What Your Favorite Cheese Says About You (PHOTOS)

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As you have probably noticed, we take cheese very seriously around here. We have threatened to change our name to HuffPost Cheese, have multiple cheese clubs that meet every week and believe that it may be the route to true happiness. That's why, when you tell us what your favorite cheese is, we really take it to heart.

You can tell a lot about a person from their favorite cheese. Are they trustworthy? Should you marry them? Would they be good employee? If you need some help deciphering your favorite cheese-lover, we've made a list of what your favorite cheese says about you. Oh, and if you're one of those people who hates cheese, or thinks the best cheese is no cheese, just go read something else. The Huffington Post has a lot to offer you, but this article just isn't it.

  • 1 Brie, Camembert, and Other Runny, Creamy Cheeses
    You like to take it slow and savor the moment. We only get one shot to live, so why not indulge, right? You also really love crackers.
  • 2 Mozzarella
    You are laid back, friendly and never sweat the small stuff. You like to keep things simple, but somehow throw the best dinner parties. Your friends refer to you as a "class act."
  • 3 Burrata
    You are just like a mozzarella-lover, except older, wiser and more entertaining at parties. We love you.
  • 4 Cheddar
    You are reliable and trustworthy. Your friends call you the "mayor" when you go out, because everyone seems to know you. You are probably afraid that you are boring, but you make everyone around you incredibly comfortable and can adapt to just about any situation.
  • 5 Feta
    You are an unexpected daredevil. People probably say, "I didn't think you had it in you" to you a lot. But you knew you did. You knew it the whole time.
  • 6 Gorgonzola
    Sometimes you think everyone at the party is talking too quietly and you wish they'd speak up to match your volume. You love karaoke, swing dancing and shouting, "WOO HOO" when you're having fun.
  • 7 Gjetost (Norwegian Brown Cheese)
    You are Norwegian.
  • 8 Goat Cheese
    People always tell you that you "march to the beat of your own drummer," but you think you're actually pretty normal. You love long walks on the beach, red wine and 80s action movies.
  • 9 American Cheese
    You are sweet, but you might not have ever left your hometown. You definitely love grilled cheese sandwiches and cartoons. OH, you might be nine -- are you nine?
  • 10 Gouda
    You understand the value of waiting for something to be perfect before you enjoy it. You also have great freaking taste in cheese.
  • 11 Limburger
    You are a contrarian, plain and simple. If someone says "black," you say "white." If someone says "peas," you say "carrots." If someone says "please don't eat that godforsaken smelly cheese," you say "pass me some of that delicious smelly cheese, please."
  • 12 Gruyere
    You are a fan of the classics. You prefer the symphony to a rock and roll show, and a glass of Burgundy to a fancy new micro-brew. You also love fondue, which is about as wise a life choice as you can make.
  • 13 Parmesan
    You love to remind people that Parmesan is the UNDISPUTED KING OF CHEESE. We know, man.
  • 14 Swiss Cheese
    You are a liar, no one's favorite cheese is swiss cheese.
  • 15 No Cheese

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