12/11/2013 09:15 am ET

'Blurred Lines' Gets Transformed Into 'Mulled Wine' Parody

Craving a less risque version of "Blurred Lines"? Well, Christmas came early, thanks to BBC Radio 1 and its airing of "Mulled Wines." Performed by Father Chris Smith and Phar-Elf (a.k.a. BBC radio hosts Chris Smith and Greg James), the song features lyrics like:

You know it's getting close
You feeling festive, ain't ya?
You wanna mull some wine
Baby, it's in your nature
You feel the chimney rocking
Can you hear Santa knocking?
He's here to fill your stocking
But only if you've been a good girl

Turns out it doesn't matter what the lyrics are -- "Blurred Lines" is now stuck in our heads again.

[h/t The Daily Meal]


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