You weren't the only person to waste a lot of time on YouTube this year. In March, the video giant reached 1 billion monthly unique visitors. Altogether, over 6 billion hours of video -- a 50 percent increase over 2012 -- were watched each month.

But what exactly entertained us during all those late nights in front of the computer? To cap off the year, YouTube released a tribute video (above) to its viral stars -- including Mystery Guitar Man, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Annoying Orange, and a herd of stampeding goats -- and ran down the year's most popular videos.

YouTube broke videos into two categories: Music videos, which get the lion's share of views on the site, and everything else. Below, we run down the latter; for music video, check out the list here.

"Mozart vs Skrillex. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2"

"'THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading' — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL"

"Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise"

"YOLO (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar)":

"Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)" by Volvo Trucks:

"baby&me / the new evian film"

"Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)"

"How Animals Eat Their Food":

"Harlem Shake (original army edition)" by Kenneth Håkonsen:

And finally, #1
"The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)"

Of course it's "What Does The Fox Say?"

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  • Cooking With Dog

    Cooking with dog is not exactly what it sounds like. "Chef" cooks various Japanese dishes as Frances narrates and dog, a miniature poodle, looks on. To date, the 89 episodes have been viewed more than 45 million times. The channel certainly has a cult following. <em>SF Weekly</em> has <a href="" target="_hplink">complied a list of the top five episodes</a>, and there's a "<a href="" target="_hplink">Cooking with Dog Fan Club</a>" Facebook page.

  • HumanmiaL: Art of Transformation

    HumanmiaL is half man, half animal, and 100 percent awesome. <a href="" target="_hplink">According to <em>Vice</em></a>, HumanimaL is Alex Kovas, a London-based actor and artist who covers himself in body paint and wears animal masks, much to the delight of partygoers, wedding guests, and, of course, the YouTube audience. On his website, Kovas says that <a href="!__about" target="_hplink">he has the ability to transform himself</a> into horses, antelopes, deer, a rabbit, big cats, dogs and even a unicorn. While he was recently <a href="" target="_hplink">featured at a Wimbeldon party for Slazenger</a>, he told Vice that most of his corporate clients are in the medical and banking industries. <a href="" target="_hplink">Click over to <em>Vice</em> to see an interview</a> with Kovas. <em><a href="" target="_hplink">H/T Awesome Robo</a></em>

  • Charlie's Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) Videos

    YouTube user <em>redwormcharlie</em> has dozens of videos of him and his fellow "Larpers" dressing in character and acting out role-playing scenes. Larping, for those of you who are not in the know, <a href="" target="_hplink">is defined by</a> as "a continuation of a table-top roleplaying game that people choose to act out by becoming a character and staging a fantasy world experience in which their character lives."

  • Air Guitar World Championships

    All air, all the time. Watch the world's top airheads rock out on the official <a href="" target="_hplink">Air Guitar World Championships</a> channel. Want to see it in real life? There's still time to get to Northern Finland in August to see the 17th Air Guitar World Championships. The air shredding begins on August 22.

  • Cyriak's Channel

    <a href="" target="_hplink"><em>Cyriak</em> is a UK-based animator and musician</a> who creates videos, comics, illustrations and, well, animations. His 2010 "<a href="" target="_hplink">cows & cows & cows</a>" video been viewed more than 16 million times. On his YouTube page, he says he uses Photoshop, After Effects and Fruity Loops to create his videos. <a href=" " target="_hplink">[Via]</a>

  • Guns & Gardens - Doomsday & Apocalypse Survival

    After watching a few episodes from Guns & Gardens - Doomsday & Apocalypse Survival, you'll no longer be unprepared for the impending zombie apocalypse. Marque Cornblatt, the "Inventor," says that Guns and Gardens "is a kind of doomsday think tank." The San Francisco artist is joined by his friends who not only build and sell defense equipment, but also show viewers how to defend themselves in the event of a zombie apocalypse. And yes, <a href="" target="_hplink">there's an app for that</a>.

  • Open Minds TV

    Each week, <a href="" target="_hplink">Open Minds</a>, an organization focused on extra-terrestrial, alien and UFO phenomena, releases a new episode of Open Minds TV. The show has only been on for a few months, but guests so far have included <a href="" target="_hplink">Ben Hansen</a> from SyFy's "Fact or Faked," Navajo Rangers, <a href="" target="_hplink">Ben McGee</a> from <em>National Geographic</em>'s "Chasing UFOs" and HuffPost's own <a href="" target="_hplink">Lee Spiegel</a>.