Chicago Bears cornerback and all-around nice guy Charles "Peanut" Tillman is easily our favorite of the Bears bunch.

When he's not raising money for his Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation -- a charitable organization he created to "provide opportunities and resources to children and their families who are in need" -- stripping the ball from opponents and re-tweeting shout-outs from fans, the Chicago native is generally being a good-hearted guy.

On Tuesday, Tillman went shopping at a suburban Meijer's to buy toys for children from underprivileged families, ABC Chicago reports.

All that goodwill towards men (and women, and children) is sure to land Tillman on Santa's "nice" list this year. In the spirit of Tillman's latest gesture, we've rounded up a few more reasons "Peanut" really is the sweetest.

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  • He helps fans with their homework

    When 8th grader Casey Bridge received a story problem for her accelerated math homework that was less than Bears-friendly, <a href="" target="_blank">Peanut himself wrote a brilliant response</a> on the CPS student's homework after she showed it to him at a charity event.

  • He has his own Chicago Bears "Peanut Doll"

    It's cute. It's silly. And it's totally awesome.

  • Two words: Peanut. Punch.

    Tillman's signature move of forcing fumbles on opposing players by punching the ball from their hands <a href="" target="_blank">(watch him demonstrate the move) </a> helped the Bears to several victories and <a href="" target="_blank">inspired a t-shirt</a> with proceeds going to Tillman's Cornerstone Foundation.

  • He's a published author

    Earlier this year, Tillman co-authored a book <a href="" target="_blank">"The Story of Snow Bear and the Lost Scarf"</a> with<a href="" target="_blank"> high school teacher TC LiFonti. </a>Like most of his ventures, sales from the book benefit Tillman's charity foundation.

  • He supports our troops

    Tillman has said his father, a former sergeant in the U.S. Army, has been a big inspiration for him to support the nation's men and women who serve. This spring Tillman s<a href="" target="_blank">pent eight days on a USO tour to Iraq and Kuwait,</a> later saying: <blockquote>I just wanted them to know that I appreciate what they do. It’s hot over there. They’ve got all this armor on. They’ve got guns. It’s war. They’re out there working hard. They’re working seven days a week, 8-to-12 hours a day. They do 12-month tours at a time. They’re away from their family. They want to come home. They want to see their kids. But they’ve got a job to do and they’re doing a damn good job.</blockquote> In 2013, <a href="" target="_blank">Tillman was awarded the NFL's Salute to Service Award</a> by USAA, the league's military appreciation sponsor.

  • He's a family guy

    When Tillman's wife, Jackie, was due to give birth last fall, Peanut made no bones about the fact that he'd be by his wife's side to welcome their daughter,<a href="" target="_blank"> even if it meant missing the Bears matchup</a> against the Houston Texans. <a href="" target="_blank">Tillman told</a> <blockquote>"At the end of the day, (family is) all that you have," Tillman said. "This game is important to me, but after what we went through with my middle child, Tiana, (who was diagnosed with a rare heart disease), to me football is second. It'll always be second or third in my life. That was a great lesson learned, to teach me that family -- when I'm done playing football -- my family will always be there for me."</blockquote>

  • He's a sideline superhero

    In September, the Bears cornerback <a href="" target="_blank">saved FOX sideline reporter Laura Okmin from potentially being run over</a> by a vehicle carrying a camera cart. What a guy.

  • He tweets EVERYTHING from fans

    Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, good grades on a test (pictured) or surgeries, Peanut obliges with many of his Twitter followers' request for a RT.