12/12/2013 10:17 am ET

Facebook Is Now Autoplaying Videos -- Expect Ads Next


Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you: Your Facebook feed is about to get a lot more animated.

The social network has finally begun rolling out videos that play automatically as your scroll in NewsFeed on iPhones, iPads and Android devices, TechCrunch first pointed out. This includes both videos uploaded directly to Facebook and Instagrams.

We can all guess what this is building up to: Autoplay ads.

Facebook has been testing video ads that play automatically for months, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly pushing back the launch date to ensure that autoplay advertising, the bane of many Internet users, didn't alienate his company's 1.19 billion members. As we found out in May, the video ads won't be as annoying as assumed: They will only begin playing without sound as you scroll past them, with the option of clicking on a video to activate the sound.

In order to save us the useless waste of bandwidth, the autoplay feature added to non-ad videos this week will only work when Wi-Fi is enabled, though Facebook confirmed to the Verge that the feature cannot be turned off completely.

It's unclear when Facebook will be rolling out video ads.


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