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The 25 Gifts People REALLY Want From Their Better Halves

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The longer you're married, the harder it can be to come up with a unique gift idea at Christmas. I always hope my husband will offer me some kind of clue by offhandedly making mention of something he would really like throughout the year. But that almost never happens.

We asked our Facebook fans what they'd REALLY love to get from their long-time spouse this year -- and we were rewarded with a wide range of answers. One woman, Judith C. Warren, said she only wants time to herself. Another woman, Holli Allen Magill, said she'd just like a gift -- any gift. Not surprisingly, people's preferences run the gamut, from fine jewelry to sexy pajamas. The common theme running through all the responses though is that putting thought into a gift still counts -- for a lot.

Here's what some others had to say. Have anything to add? Let us know in comments.

2) "A weekend away -- just the two of us," said Diane Franklin Slimbock.

3) "I'd like him to stop snoring," said Lisa Ernest Bondeson.

mature couple on date

6) "A vacation to a cabin in the woods," said Sherrill Cochran Hubbard.

7) "A trip to play golf at Pebble Beach," said Jean Dedeke Gill.

8) "Venice -- uncrowded," said Sandhi Schimmel Gold.

9)"Lovemaking with a romantic setting," said Maria Miguel Grullon.

a new kitchen

14) "A new 4x4. His old one has 200k+ miles," said Jaye DeVeney Gilleland.

15) "A clothes steamer," said Anita Skeets Rogers.

clothes steamer

16) "A trip to Europe!" said Pam Duoba.

17) "An apology," said Cheryl Weisser.

19) "A trip to Sicily," said Nina Piraino Bruno.

20) "His [good] health," said Gracious Palmer.

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21) "A bedroom makeover," said Kimberly Minton Freeman.

24) "The keys to a house in Anaheim!" said DavidandJeanne Rose.

25) "Some bloody peace and quiet," said Sanna McIvor.

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