12/13/2013 08:24 am ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

Who Is Really At Risk For Insomnia? (INFOGRAPHIC)

We know that insomnia puts people at risk for a wide range of health problems, including anxiety, heart attack and osteoporosis.

But what truly puts someone at risk for insomnia?

Digital analytics company Resonate polled more than 10,000 Americans living with insomnia and found these sleep-deprived folks have a few things in common.


This graphic originally appeared on Resonate. Resonate is the only company to empower brand, political and cause marketers to identify and engage with audiences based on the reasons behind people’s actions. Combining the latest big data technologies with proven research and analytic techniques, Resonate powers motivations-based targeting and analytics across all digital media channels. The ability to deliver advertising based on an individual's social and personal values and product purchase preferences, goes beyond simple demographics to achieve greater engagement, campaign results and customer insight. For more information visit


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