12/17/2013 10:43 am ET

Kid Cudi's 'Satellite Flight' Mixes The Old With The New

Gabriel Olsen via Getty Images

As he normally does, Kid Cudi has released a new track without telling anyone about it. "Satellite Flight" comes from his upcoming EP, "Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon," and has everything that fans have come to know as Cudder music, mixing the old with the new.

The beat has the melodic layers similar to something more likely to be found on 2009's "Man On The Moon," but also contains the minor-tinted synthesizers of "Indicud." The hook has the same catch as something from "Man On The Moon," but the croons and hums that dominate the song are what greatly define "Indicud." Most important, throughout it all, Cudi's message on the song is all about "good vibes." Whether you like the "old Cudi" or the "new Cudi," give the song a listen below.

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