12/18/2013 10:24 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Learn To Dance Using These 12 Epic Moves From One Direction (GIFs)

Scott Legato via Getty Images

1. The Window-Wiper

2. The Canoe Paddle

3. The Get-Out-Of-My-Way! Elbow Lift

4. The Almost-Chicken-Dance

5. The Am-I-Line-Dancing? Step

6. The We're-In-A-6-Legged-Race Walk

7. The Zayn Shimmy

8. The Harry Sprinkler

9. The Underwater Dance

10. The Let's-Keep-This-PG-13 Thrust

11. The I'm-Sexy-And-I-Know-It Wiggle

And finally -- the most important 1D move of them all...

12. The Boy Band Butt Shake

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