12/18/2013 08:56 am ET

Stewart Blasts GOP: If Not Boehner Or Ryan, Who IS Conservative Enough?

In light of the far right wing of the Republican party lashing out at the likes of John Boehner, Paul Ryan and, yes, Ronald Reagan for not being conservative enough, Jon Stewart was left confused at who exactly the Republican party considers to be conservative.

The only answer he can muster is Steve Stockman, a tea party candidate running to replace John Cornyn (R-Tex.) in the U.S. Senate. "The National Journal named him the second most conservative senator, behind only Alaska's representative, Painting of Jesus Drilling for Oil."

Stewart played a clip of Stockman affecting a high-pitched voice on a radio show making fun of transgender people. "I get it, it's funny because he's an asshole," Stewart remarked.

Check out the clip above to see Stewart's exasperation over the Republicans' ever-changing conservative standard.


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