12/18/2013 02:34 pm ET | Updated Dec 18, 2013

'The Manliest Thing About Me Is...' Series Defines Masculinity In An Amazing Way

"I write love letters to myself every day." "My ability to show pure emotion." "I think critically and stand up."

These are the thoughts one group of men shared when asked what the manliest thing about themselves was.

manliest thing about me

Photographer Reesee Zigga Zagga went to the What Makes A Man 2013 conference, and asked male attendees to complete the sentence: "The manliest thing about me is..."


Zagga wrote about her experience shooting the photographs for The Good Men Project, noting:

Some men wrote their answers down without hesitation. Others were stumped. How interesting it was to see the way this question provoked such deep thought. It was evident that [the conference] had succeeded in getting men to question their own ideas of masculinity.


The resulting portraits are truly stunning, and show just how varied definitions of masculinity can be. "Manly" does not necessarily mean "macho" any more -- and that's a good thing.

Check out more images at the 500 Random Acts of Beauty Project.

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