12/19/2012 12:56 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2013

The 10 Holiday Deal Breakers That Can Totally Ruin Your Party (PHOTOS)

Listen, we love a good holiday party. Seeing friends we haven't seen in ages is really one of the best gifts of the season. (And, okay, the festive food and drinks.) But there are a few things that can turn the mood from merry to awkward in no time flat. We've all been to that party where, even though the host swears their dog is behaved, we spend the evening being a springboard for an overly excited pup.

That's what we call a holiday party deal breaker.

We've polled our friends, colleagues and family to see what other similar party-ruining experiences have been witnessed this season and what we found out will...okay, let's just say you'll be nodding in agreement during the entire list, below. And if we've missed any holiday party deal breakers, share them in the comments.

  • Inflatable Lawn Decorations
    While they definitely make your house stand out, they can be quite distracting. And these oversized decorations really don't do anyone's home justice when they inevitably become deflated and droopy.
  • Wine In Plastic Cups
    It if was beer and a regular weekend, we might let it slide. But it's the holidays, let's get a little fancy.
  • Flimsy Paper Plates
    A thin plate plus a buffet equals a diaster for your carpet. Let's all pay the extra few cents for the sturdier kind.
  • Fake Snow
    We all want a white Christmas, but filling your home with messy static-filled particles of who-knows-what isn't the best alternative to the real thing.
  • Shoes By Front Door
    No, this outfit will not work in wool socks, we need our shoes.
  • Animals
    We LOVE animals so, so much. But when we're trying to relax at a party we don't want little creatures jumping all over us.
  • Dancing Santa
    In what holiday song or story does Santa shake his booty?
  • Colored Lights
    Okay, some of you may not agree with us, but we prefer white lights -- more classic, no?
  • Inappropriate Serving Utensils
    A buffet line will move so much quicker if you put out the right tongs for that salad, rather than leaving guests to spear individual lettuce leaves with their forks.
  • Too Many Accents
    We can appreciate a few, but when the whole house is filled with Rudolph's little face, it's kind of creepy.

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