12/22/2013 01:59 pm ET | Updated Dec 23, 2013

Couples Who Turned Bad Weather Into Awesome Wedding Photos

"It's like rai-ayy-ann on your wedding day..." Alanis Morissette famously sang. And it's not ironic, it sucks. But these couples managed to use Mother Nature's rotten timing to create amazing wedding photos out of bad weather.

This couple made the rain look like magical, twinkling, stars. Take that, rain.

Credit: Michele Beckwith // Posted on Reddit by Eyalush

This couple made five inches of snowfall look like beautiful little balls of light. Take that, snow.

Our Wedding Picture
Credit: The Camera Chick // Photo from Imgur

This couple turned stormy weather into one tender kiss. Take that, storm.

Credit: Zach Dries Photography // Posted on Reddit by adriananobelie

This couple made a fast-moving blizzard look like time was standing still. Take that, blizzard.

Credit: Crystal Heis // Posted on Reddit by RideTi

This couple made a brewing thunderstorm look like a Hollywood ending. Take that, thunderstorm.

I see your best wedding picture and raise you my best wedding picture
Credit: Justin Grafton Studios // Photo posted on Imgur

This couple made ominous rain clouds look like a beautiful, hand-painted backdrop. Take that, clouds.

Posted on Reddit by _driftwood

This couple turned a wet, cold walk into a moment of tenderness. Take that, cold.

Posted on reddit by passalltheworld

This couple turned mud and heavy raindrops into a heavenly looking photo. Take that, mud.

Posted to Reddit by lukevsluke

This couple turned a puddle into a cool reflection of love. Take that, puddle.

Credit: Trevor Dayley Photography // Posted on Reddit by notsurehowtosaythis

This couple turned a flood into the backdrop for a romantic moment. Take that, flood.

Credit: Poison Apple Studios // Posted on Reddit by onejosh


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