12/23/2013 08:32 am ET

Alix Jiang, Dior Retail Associate, Makes The Case For Fancy Beauty Products

When we first met Alix Jiang while running around Soho, we had no idea that she was a walking advertisement for expensive beauty products. The Dior retail associate revealed that she almost exclusively uses makeup and skincare by the luxury brand.

As far as maintaining her blunt bangs hairstyle, Jiang told us that her hair care routine is constantly changing. "Right now I have Fresh shampoo and conditioner in my shower," she said.

Jiang could sell us just about any serum or foundation if we could get flawless skin like hers. But her ultimate beauty secret is Dior eye serum. (Yep, we're adding that to our holiday wish lists.)

beauty street style

Beauty Street Style: Alix Jiang

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