12/30/2013 09:28 am ET Updated Dec 30, 2013

Here Are 10 Times When Life Imitated Art in 2013

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Here at the Huffington Post, we love news. And we also love television.

Which is why we can't help but notice when things get a bit ... uncanny. In partnership with Netflix, we're looking back on 2013 and counting down the 10 crazy times when life imitated art. Shout us out in the comments if you think we've missed something.

  • The government shut down...
  • ...Which is something we thought only happened on West Wing.
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  • We found out that the Big Brother is watching. (And listening.)
    The National Security Agency and FBI were found to be tapping into the servers of big players such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and more -- not to mention our phone lines.
  • ...Which is something we thought only happened on Scandal.
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    And 24, now that we think of it.
  • In sports, our heroes fell from grace...
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    In January, Lance Armstrong finally admitted to a disappointed Oprah that he had been doping.
  • ...And we couldn't help but wonder how Coach Taylor would react.
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    On Friday Night Lights, Mr. and Mrs. Coach kept their players in line through pep talks and "I'm disappointed in you" faces.
  • Little girls grew up right before our very eyes...
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    Miley vamped in a teddy-bear leotard at the 2013 MTV VMAs.
  • ...While our good friend Betty said, "Oh, she's just being Sally."
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    On Mad Men, Sally became a woman on the verge.
  • People lined up for hours to for the coveted cronut...
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    The mashup pastry at Dominique Ansel Bakery created a craze.
  • ...And the citizens of Portlandia waited too, if a bit less patiently.
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    The women of the Feminist Bookstore rebelled against the cult of the brunch line:
    "I'm going to take a sip of tea but spit a little bit of it into every one of your mouths … Burn me once with tea, shame on me. Burn you twice in your mouth, shame on everybody involved!
  • Manti Te'o somehow didn't know that his girlfriend was a fake....
  • ...Which is totally something that would happen to Dre on The League.
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    We're still not entirely convinced that his interior decorator "girlfriend" isn't just running a ruthless scheme to make him buy more hideous furniture.
  • Anthony Weiner didn't understand the basic rules of social media...
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    He sent the sext seen around the world.
  • ...but Zoe sure did.
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    The resourceful reporter on House of Cards gamed the system and came out on top.
  • 30 Rock celebrated its last episode this year...
  • ...And so did TGS.
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    Truly, Jenna, these were the best days of our flerm, too.
  • And to cap off the year, Beyonce dropped a WHOLE ALBUM at once...
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    The whole world freaked out to the tune of 828,773 copies in one weekend.
  • ...Which was kind of like the time they dropped a WHOLE SEASON of Arrested Development on us.
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  • Happy New Year from Netflix!
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    It's been a real doozy.